Tomb of christ Tour questionnaire(EN)

Surveillance Tour Survey of the Tomb of Jesus Christ

Survey conducted by: Solution Business Division, Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd.

こThank you for participating in the Christ’s Grave pilot tour. This tour program is supported by the Japan Tourism Agency of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism as part of its Tourism Content Creation Support Project to Attract Inbound Visitors to Local Regions and Increase Consumption.

This questionnaire aims to collect feedback and insights from all participants of the pilot tour, which will be used in the planning for the development of a tour product themed on Christ’s grave located in the legendary village of Shingo in Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture.

Your honest feedback, provided anonymously, is highly appreciated and will be instrumental in shaping our future plans.

The questionnaire will be statistically processed and included in a report, as well as shared with local municipalities and other relevant entities.

The questionnaire consists of a total of 14 questions, and we kindly request your cooperation. Thank you.

Thank you for your cooperation in completing the survey.